Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Demographics Research

Directions: Explain who the target market is for each of the event types below. Once you have identified who the target market is, list the demographics (from the wheel to the right) you used to categorize them.

For example: “The Bachelorette”
Target Market: Women ages 25-55
Demographics used: gender & age

Who is the Target Market?
Which Demographics Were Used?
Men, fighters, spectatorsmales who like fighting
People who bet or gamble, thrill seekers, People who like fast cars.males who like cars
Pro Football
Guys, athletic people, people who have a passion for the game.guys who like footbal
bikerspeople who like bikes
Broadway Shows
people who like broadway showswomen who like plays
The Price is Right
people who like to guesspeople who like wondering and guessing
little kidskids
Desperate Housewives
Lonely women in their thirtysWomen
River’s Casino
GamblersPeople who like gambling